Transportation of Mobile Home is realised in three stages:
1.The transportation of Mobile Home from the manufacturer up to the port.
2. Sea transportation of Mobile Home up to the port mentioned into Agreement. Sea transportation, as a rule, is done by means of RO/RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) when the cargo is transported on the desk of the vessel or into its hold. The price of delivering is counted according to size of cargo.
3. The transportation of Mobile Home from the port up to Customer.
Mobile Homes usually could been transported by tractor- trailers with special flat rack containers for goods of irregular size. The house is loaded on the flat rack by means of winch or hoisting engine.
Unfortunately it is not possible to tow Mobile Home up to
the place where it will be occupied – the wheels of Mobile Home are intended for changing position purposes over the location placement. To use common roads for transportation of Mobile Home you need a special permission given by appropriate authorities. The transportation by railroad is possible too.




In practic we can make transportation by autoroads and sea cargo from Great Britain up to Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and transportation of Mobile Home through Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.